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Minneapolis, Mn

Thank your employees with unlimited mini-donuts made fresh at your location!

Employee Appreciation events or company parties!!!

Year after year our business clients invite us back to make the freshest, hottest, and frankly the best mini donuts in town. We pair excellent with a lunch food truck or coffee bar!

The MinneDonut Company 

will make your employee appreciation or company picnic an absolutely memorable experience. 

MiniDonuts Made Fresh at Your Location

How it Works

The MinneDonut Company is dedicated to making your event or party memorable. We will come to your location with our donut trailer and make UNLIMITED hot and fresh mini-donuts for you and your guests. Rates are calculated per hour. 

Event Rates Start at $550

Click the button below to contact us for a quote. All we need to know is the location of the event, date and time of event, and how long the event will last!

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