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Minneapolis, Mn

"Probably the best Mini-Donuts on earth!"                                             -Daniel W.

"Nom nom nom....."                  -Kathy L.


Hot and Tasty
MinneDonuts at Your Next Event or Party
Special Events

Hot and Fresh Mini-donuts make any celebration or event unique and unforgettable.

The Wedding Craze

Mini-donuts at wedding receptions is a growing trend, and easily makes your special day unforgettable and exciting.


Show your employees that you care by giving them unlimited donuts during the work day!

Throw a Party
and eat MinneDonuts!!! Here are a few ideas.
  • Dinner Party
  • Garden Party
  • Receptions
  • Tea Party
  • Cocktail Party
  • Dances and Balls
  • Birthday Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Costume Party
  • Block Party
  • Fundraisers
  • After-Party
  • Pre-Party
  • Cast Party
  • Farewell Party
  • Welcome Home Party
  • Housewarming Party
  • Showers
  • Church Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bachelor Party
  • Corporate Party
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • etc...
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#Renaisance Festival  


#Best PartyEver





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How it Works

UNLIMITED MiniDonuts Made Fresh at Your Location

The MinneDonut Company is dedicated to making your event or party memorable. We will come to your location with our donut machine and make UNLIMITED hot and fresh mini-donuts for you and your guests. 

Event Rates Start at $625

Click the button below to contact us for a quote. All we need to know is the location of the event, date and time of the event, and how long the event will last!

Bride and Groom Lovin' Donuts
Daniel the owner
Daniel and Kathy
What a night
Grad Party
Couldn't be more pretty
We play with friends
Jesus would love our donuts
always open
donuts in the 40's
We make it fun with buttons!
playing with friends
bring the whole neighborhood
We are blessed
Summer fun!
What is that face?!
Wedding Venue
Makin' Dough
Neighborhood Party
Party time
Keepin' things clean
Check it out
one of the firsts
huge party
i like em big and round.... donuts that is :)
Before we had the trailer we had a tent!
Good boy!
mmmm donuts
Grandpas vitamins...
Lisa like a pro
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